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Best Pool Cleaner of 2017

Dannys Pools has a range of pool cleaners to choose from, but today we are here to discuss with you the best cleaner to go for, for 2017.

Best Pool Cleaner of 2017

We have a good selection of pool cleaners for our customers to choose from, but some do ask which is the best one to go for! Danny’s Pools are writing this blog today to let you know in our opinion the best cleaner to go for that we offer for 2017!

It is the Hayward SharkVac! The SharkVac is Hayward’s latest innovation to the TigerShark family of Robotic pool cleaners.

This cleaner was created to work in any pool size and shape! Once in the pool, the Hayward SharkVac automatically computes the size and creates the most effective and energy efficient cleaning pattern! Additionally, you will find that this machines also has a Fast-Clean attribute that allows the cleaner do a place cleaning job within 1 hour! The best thing we think about this device is that the unit simply uses as much energy as a conventional light bulb. This unit automatically has a 2-hour cleaning cycle once it goes into the water, so if your pool is clean before the cycle finishes, you can manually turn it off.

Filter and debris cartridges can be easily removed from the Hayward SharkVac without the need to turn the cleaner upside down. To clean them, open the big top cover to reach the removable filter cartridge and simply wash them down with a garden hose spray nozzle will do the job nicely.

A fantastic thing about the SharkVac is that it is ready to use straight out of the packaging. You do not need any tools, hose attachments or a connection to your pool’s pump. Which in the long run, this will save you money, since the actual upkeep related to the tools just mentioned is completely removed!

We have gone through what people have said online about this product and some of our clients, and they have stated that they like the features and easy-going nature of this pool cleaner. They have two main points that they love about this machine which is the pool size detection function and the low maintenance expenses!

When it comes to drawbacks, there is the only one which is the power cord. The instructions in the manual tell users to lift the cleaner from the pool by pulling on the cord. Which seems like a normal thing to do, however, the unit is hefty so the line can wear if you do this.

Listed below you will find the specifications of this cleaner:

Filter Capacity: 530 cubic inches
Filter Media Type: 2 fine porosity filter elements
Weight: 21.5 pounds
Power Word: 60 feet (Kevlar reinforced)
Moving Parts: Acetal / Stainless Steel
Programming Function: ASCL/Adaptive seek control

So all in all, the team here at Danny’s Pools believe that this robotic pool cleaner is the ultimate cleaner for 2017. The pros of this machines are that it is an excellent cleaning device, it is energy efficient, there are no bags to mess with, and there are no pre-installation needed or connections to the pool to operate. The one con of this machine is that it is a heavy unit. We would not recommend this product to our client if we did not believe it is good, and we think this is fantastic! If you want to find out more information about this pool cleaner, or you would like to know how to get your hands on one, please feel free to give us a call on 0415 924 550 or by clicking the link below.


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