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You've Neglected Your Pool Over Winter. Now What?

You had every intention of maintaining your pool water levels and chemical balance over winter, but then the cold stormy days hit and your motivation dwindled. Now with our warmer seasons just around the corner, you're entertaining the idea of swimming again, except your pool have been taken over by algae.

You've Neglected Your Pool Over Winter. Now What?

At the start of winter you may have had every intention of maintaining your swimming pool, but then as the cold, stormy days went on you became less and less motivated. Now as we find Spring and with Summer weather just around the corner, you and the family are once again entertaining the thought of swimming, there’s just one slight problem — algae has taken up residence in your pool!

Firstly before jumping the gun and taking measures into your own hands, you need to determine precisely how much algae is in your swimming pool.

Light Green: signifies a lower level of algae.

Dark Green: signifies a medium level of algae.

Black-ish Green: this stipulates an extremely high level of algae, and at this point, you certainly should not try to fix the problem yourself. Seek Dannys professional pool services as your Perth pool may need to be drained and cleaned.

You may think draining your pool and starting all over again seems the easiest solution, but there are a number of financial and structural obstacles involved, including;

  • A massive water bill
  • Damage to the interior lining
  • Damage to the cleaning systems
  • Damage to the pool lighting
  • Damage to the surrounding paving
  • Causing your fibreglass pool to “float” (your pool should be braced before emptying).

Dannys Pool Services aim to solve your pool issue with the most feasible approach, and uses the draining method as a last resort. With the increased rain we receive over the winter months, maintaining the correct water level and water chemistry in your Perth swimming pool is crucial.
Call Danny on 0415 924 550 today and allow the professionals to bring your pool back to life.

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