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Welcome to Dannys Swimming Pool Cleaning Maintenance Services Perth

Dannys Pool Services – Perth Pool Cleaners, is a locally owned and operated business, based on exceptional pool cleaning services, and quality workmanship.

For over 35 years Danny, from Dannys Pools has been providing the very best in pool cleaning and maintenance services to the residents of Perth.  Having gained a reputation as the man the others go to when they need a problem solved.

Our Services

Dannys Pool Services are the pool cleaning experts for customers in Perth, inner suburbs. Dannys Pool Cleaning specialise in a range of pool products and services which include pool inspections, pool chlorinators, pool lights and pool pumps and filters.


Dannys Pool Services – Perth Pool Cleaning have a fantastic variety of pool products available from a range of top brands; pool pumps, pool filters, chlorinators, pool lighting systems, pool cleaners, pool heating options and much more. 

We stay up to date with all the latest products to ensure you’re getting the very best available.

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