Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners

Are you in need of a new pool cleaner? We have a range of robotic and suction pool cleaners available from all the top brands. Contact Danny for assistance when choosing the right pool cleaner for your needs.

Suction pool cleaners

  • Navigator® V-Flex™

    Navigator® V-Flex™

    Navigator® V-Flex™ automatic suction pool cleaner delivers more power, reliability and performance than ever. Equipped with patented V-Flex variable vane turbine technology, Navigator V-Flex can pick up larger dirt and debris more effectively than any other cleaner on the market for peace of mind of clog-free cleaning. It maximizes suction power even at lower flow-making it the perfect partner for use with variable speed pumps. Its unmatched patented SmartDrive® programmed steering determines the most efficient cleaning path around any pool and assists with cleaner manoeuvrability for the most reliable, complete pool coverage.

  • Hayward Leaf Canister

    Hayward Leaf Canister

    Ruggedly built, Hayward leaf/debris canisters are designed with the pool professional in mind. Choose the appropriate canister that fits your individual vacuuming applications.

    Features & Benefits

    • Extra-large basket (standard) or bag (Large) traps leaves and debris before they reach the filter system
    • Superior design ensures that water will always bypass debris and maintain proper water flow to pump
    • Easy-open lid provides quick access to basket
    • Lexan see-through construction lets you see when basket needs cleaning
  • AquaNaut 250 & 450 Suction Cleaners

    AquaNaut 250 & 450 Suction Cleaners

    Experience the most complete clean with AquaNaut 250 & 450 suction pool cleaners.AquaNaut; features patented self-adjusting variable vanes, known as V-Flex™ technology, that maximize power at almost any flow and allows for easy passage of large debris. No matter the pool surface.AquaNaut 250 & 450 manoeuvres with patented robust tyres and an adjustable roller skirt that maintains optimal suction, even when encountering obstacles. Service and maintenance is simple—better still, you'll rest assured knowing that AquaNaut 250 & 450's durable design is backed by Hayward's network of reliable service centres.

  • Zodiac G2

    Zodiac G2

    The Zodiac G2 is a simple but reliable performer suitable for most pools. Its disc structure provides optimal adhesion whilst its pliable inserts scrub the pools surfaces and comes with a wheel deflector making it suitable for above ground pools.The free-swivelling inner cassette system increases random coverage of your swimming pool. The G2 like all Zodiac suction cleaners is very easy to set up and operate.

    You don't have to put up with the clack-clack-clack racket from traditional hammer style suction cleaners! The added benefit of the Duralife Diaphragm is that it also provides whisper quiet operation that won't disturb your neighbours.


Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • AquaVac® 500 Robotic Cleaner

    AquaVac® 500 Robotic Cleaner

    The new AquaVac® 500 comes equipped with a microprocessor-based program that determines the most efficient cleaning path possible. With its Dual-Mode technology, it is now possible to choose from just two cleaning programs: a fast Bottom only or a deep full Bottom, Wall and Waterline cleaning. Pool owners can simply select the cleaning frequency that best matches their pool debris load, and AquaVac® 500 gets to work, using powerful, dual scrubbing brushes that scrub and vacuum the entire pool. Working independently of the pool filtration system, it uses 94% less energy than most pressure cleaners and can pay for itself in little over a year, depending on local energy rates. Discover why AquaVac® 500 is the most efficient, self-sufficient cleaning solution on the market.


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